Record du monde : Un vol de 263 km et 9h30 en parapente

La Suissesse Yael Margelish a battu le record du monde féminin du plus long vol jamais réalisé en parapente.

C’est le 1er mai dernier que la pilote suisse de parapente Yael Margelish a volé pendant 263 km et 9h30 de parapente pour une sortie record sur un trajet en triangle (voir carte ci-dessous). C’est la première fois qu’une femme parcours autant de kilomètres sur un unique vol.

La parapentiste de 28 ans a réalisé ce vol avec le Français Clément Latour. Ces derniers se sont élancés vers 9h15 du matin de Saint-Hilaire en Isère et sont passés vers le Mont Aiguille, le Vercors, le Pic de Bure ou encore la chaîne de Belledonne. Ils sont revenus 9h30 plus tard à leur point de départ sur le Plateau des Petites Roches.

264 FAI

01.05.2019 World female record on a triangle course (to be ratified)Some impressions out of a 9h28 min and 264 km long flight on Wednesday. Thanks Jonathan Marin – Page for inspiring the route ;-)Because of low cloud base, I was really doubting about the conditions in the morning when we were driving up to Saint-Hilaire. But fortunately, Clement was motivated for 2, so we took off thinking "let's see what happens"… The first leg to the north was a formality, but still I was scared to loose too much altitude by going too fast, so we were not as efficient as we could be. Then came the first big question mark: how to cross over Grenoble with such less height, and avoid the airspace. Again we lost time, doubting… After the crossing we caught nice climbs, still not pushing us to the stratosphere but high enough to keep on our slow progression. At one I forced a pass and nearly landed, but I saw Clement was climbing well a bit further so focused to get myself out of this hole. Then, slowly, the Vercors started delivering, and we could soar the ridges, and finally start thinking more positively. It turned out to be a great day, then it was working everywhere with nice clouds. We just had some troubles getting over the Vercors natural parc. I've never been flying in those places, and seeing them from above was really impressive. Planning a flight is something important, but having a good representation of the relief is another thing. And so I was just impressed about the mountains there are down there ! We arrived then at the Pic de Bure, where I've been flying once, and remember it as the strongest thermal I ever took. It was the same, just superstrong.By 4pm, we decided not to fly further towards Serre-Poncon, and came back, making the plans a bit smaller. The way back, in front of the massif des Ecrins was just amazing. Pushed by the wind, the thermals were rough but powerful. The last critical point was crossing over Valbonnais. There was a venturi effect and when I saw Clement in front of me being shaken like a leaf in the wind, I thought that's it's not gonna be a real fun. Fortunately I was a bit higher and it got much smoother ! La Morte was delivering nice climbs, and the last thermal on the Taillefer was a pure delight, that throw us in between two layers of cumulus, the perfect way to start a final glide. Belledone was still working as well, so we took time to get enough high to be sure to land right next to the car in Saint-Hilaire.Thanks to Clement Latour for sharing this great flight !Sutech-EtanchéitéVerbierNaviter SeeYouONEDAYAlp'Sports Thérapies SA

Posted by Yael Margelisch on Friday, May 3, 2019

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