Invention : le surf foil ultra light de Fred Compagnon

Fred Compagnon a trouvé un nouveau moyen très minimaliste pour prendre les vagues.

Le free-surfeur reconnu pour ses inventions toujours plus folles nous invite à découvrir aujourd’hui sa nouvelle création toute droite sortie de son imagination débordante.

how to foil without board and ski.

Here's my new invention to take wave foiling, straped in a minimalist board really light…Why this?? To go really fast for take off, imagine two guys paddeling arms, flippers and paddle, in the same time, on a 13 feet board, you can lift off from water really early, even in a line who start to break but stop. When you're already stand up, you're sure to get the good foot stance, your control is better, strap give you more balance, power and control, you can invent new maneuvers.You already get this facilities with a supboard, but it's big and heavy, you can feel it when you're carving, it take a little time to put again the board flat.Here, the ''board'' is so small that you don't have wait any more and wind don't affect. When you're pumping, tail ans nose are not touching.And you're sharing a good time with youre partner….I still worki in the project, waiting for a new supfoil from Ari'i Nui Stand Up Paddle can't wait for the new foil Takuma Concept and thanks Richard Boudia selfiing while riding the foil, you rock.Drone footage from Ikar Hegaldia

Posted by Fred Compagnon on Monday, April 30, 2018

Le rideur part d’un paddle long de trois mètres, lancé sur la vague grâce aux forces de quatre bras : ceux de Fred et d’un pote venu pour l’aider. Ensuite, quand Fred a réussi à prendre assez de vitesse, il s’élance hors de sa base grâce à une fente sur le milieu de la planche.

Le vent, qui est souvent un gros ennemi du foil, n’a ici aucun effet négatif puisque la planche est quasi-inexistante.

Here's my last invention, no time to explain more, but ..wait and let me trust

Posted by Fred Compagnon on Wednesday, September 6, 2017