Wheels for girls

Karin Bleile (double championne du monde en bmx flat) se bouge à fond pour développer la scène action girl en Europe et elle organise le camp "wheels for girls" du jeudi 8 au dimanche 11 août, ça se passe à Bâle en Suisse. Tout le park sera réservé aux filles qui viennent de partout en Europe avec du riding en skate et bmx mais aussi du chill, visite de la ville, concerts, jams, atelier tie die tee-shirt…
Infos : http://www.pumpwerk-bs.ch

Le park : 

Interview de Karin by ART magazine

You are organizing for the 8th consecutive year the Summer camp ” Wheels for girls” Can you tell us what is it please?
It’s a girls only Camp for all levels and all they like to ride BMX or Skateboard together for four days and have a lot of fun! This cool girls only Camp is from the 8th to the 11th of august in Basel at the Pumpwerk skatepark (see picture above)

Is it 100% about riding?
No, we will have a lot of time with riding but also fun together with other activities, concerts going out and so on…

Is it only for Swiss girl? Do you have any accommodation for foreign girls?
The camp are welcome all girls from each country, Basel it’s a good destination to come by train or plane. We offer a pick up service and all can sleep at my house and this is 5 minutes by bike from the Pumpwerk skatepark

What is the program of this week? Who are the coachs?
We have every days the hole Pumpwerk for us, because it’s closed for the public. We will have Arthur Dietrich from France for sure for the BMX riders and RJ Salyer for the Skateboarders. At the end of the week we will do a little jam.

What is the price of this cool camp and can you tell us what is included in this price?
The price is 400 swiss Francs (320 Euro) included food, accomodation, rental material (BMX, Skateboards, Pads, etc.), 4 hours lessions every day, concerts and a goodie bag.

Where can we get in touch with you to book the camp?
You can send me a mail if you have more question or you just want to book the camp :pumpwerk@bluewin.ch

Who Would you like to thanks?
Claudia Riera and Arthur Dietrich they help with organise the camp this year.

Good luck Karin !